Don't let lack of presenting skills or nerves hold your career or business back any longer 

It is my belief that anyone can be a powerful presenter. It's about learning powerful presenting skills, confidence and a clear message for your audience.

Are presenters born or made? Definitely made.

Yes you can learn the art and science of powerful presenting.

Powerful Presentation Principles
Online Master Class

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Hello from Dr Paula Smith

I hope you enjoy the Powerful Presentation Principles Master Class Programme as much as I have enjoyed producing it for you.

Don't let fear or lack of presenting skill hold your career or business back any longer.

I look forward to working with you.


I can't wait to start working with you

Welcome to Powerful Presentation Principles

I must admit, I’m a little bit obsessed with powerful presenting.
I’ve immersed myself in the world of adult learning, professional presenting, influence and leadership communication for the past 30 years and now I am pretty excited to be able to bring this experience and expertise to you in the format of a self paced or virtual training course. Based on my second book Powerful Presentation Principles - 52 presenting rules to help you prepare, present and persuade, I look forward to personally guiding you through all 52 principles so you can become that exceptional presenter you aspire to be. Presenting is art, science and practice, enjoy learning about and practicing your new and powerful presenting skills.  

Once you build the skills and confidence to stand up and speak out , you'll be playing a bigger game. 


52 Powerful Presenting Principles 

The master class includes 52 videos and a comprehensive library of resources and templates to have you presenting like a speaking superstar in no time

Start now - What are your waiting for?

Powerful Presentation Principles master class explores:

  • How to plan, design and structure a powerful presentation
  • The art, science and craft of storytelling
  • How to help your audience to learn, remember and repeat your message
  • How to get the audience on your side and keep them there
  • Why visual and action based presentations embed in the brain better
  • How to conquer those presenting nerves
  • Why connecting with your audience is critical if you want to influence them in any way and how to do it
  • Why you need to develop your own presenting style
  • How to manage the energy in the room
  • How you can use speaking to grow your business and amplify your brand.
  • Why content isn't always king
  • Choreography and platform skills
  • Your voice and how to use it
  • Why timing matters
  • Your platform language
  • Slide design and other technology challenges
  • Becoming a thought leader

And so much more. It's time to step up and lead from the front of the room 


Have a sneak peek at one of the videos in this course

Principle 50 - Speak, speak and speak some more - where to find speaking opportunities 

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Learn at your own pace

Enjoy working through the master class videos and resources at your own pace. Where ever you are on your speaking journey, you can build your knowledge and skills at your own pace one step at a time. Apart from the 52 videos, there are lots of great articles, templates, activities and links along the way to keep you engaged until the very end. And you can re-visit the whole course again anytime you have an upcoming presentation. I wish you every presenting success.

Add some private coaching

You will develop next-level powerful presenting knowledge and skills during the self-paced Powerful Presentation Principles master class but a private coaching session can help you to clarify your message, refine your presenting style and give you expert feedback. Add a coaching session at any time during your learning journey if you choose this package. Where ever you are in the world, you can access Paula for a 90 minute private coaching session.

My client's are loving the online format 

Congratulations Paula, this is one of the best online courses I have seen. Easy to navigate and so many wonderful videos, lessons, templates and resources. It is great to have the option to pace yourself or check in with Paula, as the expert, to refine skills.I highly recommend this presentation skills course to anyone who wants to learn about powerful presenting regardless of your level of experience. Gold nuggets all the way from a true expert in speaking and presenting.
Tanya Finnie Director and Global Cultural Strategist

Powerful Presentation Principles Online Master Class



  • 52 Presenting Principles Videos
  • Comprehensive library of resources, templates, activities and links
  • Work at your own pace
  • Build your presenting knowledge and skills 
  • Receive feedback from your own network and trusted peers
  • Chat to to other students enjoying the course 
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Powerful Presentation Principles Online Master Class



  • 52 Presenting Principles Videos
  • Comprehensive library of resources, templates, activities and links
  • Work at your own pace
  • Build your presenting knowledge and skills
  • Book your private 90 minute expert coaching session with Paula
  • Chat to other students enjoying the course
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Congratulations - You are one step closer to standing up, speaking out and playing a bigger game in your career or business


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